American Eagle Coupons

American Eagle Coupons


The economic downturn in the US has altered the spending habits of US consumers. Instead of buying and spending, many opted to save and pay off debts causing a further slowdown of the economy. Consumers, once bitten are twice shy. Knowing the full effects of spending and creating more debts, they finally realize that it is time to control their shopping impulses and avoid using their credit cards in the process. It’s time for the old fashion way of thinking and doing economics. It’s time to adopt the practical way of spending and saving.

With more people losing their jobs and having a tough time making ends meet, the habit of clipping discount coupons has had a new lease on life. More consumers are increasingly getting interested in the coupon to save precious bucks. Acting on the shoppers’ side, more retail stores and manufacturers are offering good deals and discount coupons to entice people to purchase their goods.

About Discount Coupons

A coupon is a ticket that can be exchanged for rebates or discounts at various stores. They are available in newspapers, magazines, in your mail, online at the internet, in mobile devices, and at participating stores. They are issued by manufacturers and retailers to introduce a product, as a marketing strategy to increase their sales, and to push a product to recognition when competition is tight. As many as 3,000 retailers of consumer packaged goods offer discount coupons and transactions involving coupons rose to nearly $4 Billion in the US alone.

It is easy to use a discount coupon and there is usually no hassle involved. When you go to a store and present it to the cashier with your payment, it is treated as cash, promptly discounted from the purchased item’s total cost.

American Eagle Outfitters

A mall-based retailer, formerly specializing in outdoor gear, American Eagle Outfitters (AEO or AE) is now into selling apparel and accessories for men and women aged 15 to 25. It also has 77kids chain which was launched in 2010 catering to kids ages 2 to 10.

Founded in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1977 by Jerry and Mark Silverman who sold their ownership interests in 1991, it now operates a chain of 1,085 stores in 50 US States, Canada, Puerto Rico and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Committed to creating quality fashionable clothing and fashion accessories for the young population, their denims, particularly, their low-rise jeans, sweaters, knit tops, polo shirts, graphic T-shirts, boxers and briefs, Henley shirts, and swimwear are well loved by their customers. It also features a collection of intimate apparel, and personal care products. Direct sales (AE Direct) come from the company’s website and its AE magazine, a lifestyle publication that doubles as a catalog. Aside from producing quality products, their ability to sell their products online, their commitment to offering their products at affordable prices, and their good shipment services to 76 countries worldwide are perhaps some of the reasons why their earnings rose 59% in the last 3rd quarter of the year. Word has it that it fared better than its competitors Abercrombie & Fitch, and The Gap, Inc. this holiday season.


Their Chief Executive Jim O’Donnell attributes the jump in profits to merchandise improvements coupled with powerful promotions during peak shopping periods.

Powerful Promotions

Why pay more for clothing and accessories when you can pay less? Coupons are one of the best and most effective ways of promoting merchandise. Clothes retailers have relied on discounts to boost sales especially during the holiday season which accounts for 30% to 40% of annual sales, more or less. Customers will appreciate the various AEO coupons offered by their hundreds of stores.

It advertised discounts of as much as 40% during Black Friday. These can be cash discount coupon codes, free shipping coupons, or clearance sales where you can save as much as 70% off their products. These coupons are updated monthly and links to new coupons are provided.

As with other discount coupons, American Eagle coupons can be found at different websites like Retail Me Not, or Discount Coupon Queen which offer discount codes and other ways to save money on one of the leading clothing stores.

They may also be sent through email or by traditional mail once you sign up for the mailing list at AE’s official website. Printable coupons and online codes are available for customers to use in various AE stores or online. Usually for online purchases, only one online code may be used at a time. When online codes are entered in the “shopping bag”, discounts are shown. Printable coupons, on the other hand, are used in-store. They are presented to the cashier upon payment for cash rebates. Both online codes and printable coupons are subject to expiry dates.

Special savings offers are also given to AE customers in the form of free shipping for online shoppers through its official website. An extensive clearance selection is also offered to online shoppers where they can check out an array of items on sale and get huge discounts.

Reminders for AE Discount Coupon Users

AE Coupons can save you lots of money when used properly. It is important for customers to read the instructions on their discount coupons as they change regularly. Some of them may be used only on regular-priced items and not on those on sale. Still others can be used on price-discounted items. Make sure to check the coupon’s validity to save you time and unnecessary hassle when shopping.