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Getting The Best Of The Outback Steakhouse Menu


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Recently, in one of our posts, we sort of wrote down a review about Olive Garden Menu. It covered the important stuff that the restaurant is loaded with and things that people like or hate about it. Anyway, seeing to the likeness of that review, we decided to write another one about Outback Steakhouse restaurant. This one’s going to fill you in on tid bits of interesting info about the ever so famous Outback Steakhouse menu.


We visited the Fairlawn Ohio branch of Outback Steakhouse, where there is a casual ambience everywhere. Compared to noon timings, the restaurant appears more vibrant during the night. So it’d be better to go there at a random night (don’t choose weekends because tons of people will be hogging the Outback Steakhouse menu, and you won’t get a lot of chances to tryout your desired dishes – the wait time will be awful).

Once you’re there, you’ll find out that the essence of Outback Steakhouse menu lays in originality. All of its dishes (well, almost all of them) are homemade. The chefs use vegetable oil to fry the steaks, and serve it will real butter to even the scales. It might be a little bit fattening, but then again there’s nothing like butter and steaks, served with some laid back wine or beer and a nice little dessert.

The Outback Steakhouse menu is lined in a sequential manner. As per their routines, someone’s going to offer you appetizer, which is then followed by the main order. If you ask us for our recommendation go for Prime Rib or a 12 oz. Rib eye, Pasta and a spicy dipping sauce. Use coupons to save on these items.

Though their signature dish is normally Bloomin’ Onion & Spicy Dipping Sauce, we figured out that Prime Rib, Pasta and sauce were the better combination.

As far as the salad on Outback Steakhouse menu is concerned, you should try their house made salad. Don’t remember its name correctly, but if you mention the contents to them, they’ll understand what you’re asking for. The salad we had, it had Croutons, Cheese slices, tomatoes and honey mustard as dressing. It is low fat and it’s highly refreshing. Plus, it won’t kill you appetite, so eat all you can.

This was our friendly encounter with the Outback Steakhouse menu. We sure hope that you’ll enjoy your stay there. Don’t forget to tip your attendant – they really deserve that.
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