Grocery Coupons 101

Grocery Coupons 101: Ethics


With the deluge of grocery coupons, it is but necessary to have some guidelines on how to use them fairly. You shouldn’t let your integrity go down the drain in the name of making the biggest savings. There are little things that we do because we think they won’t hurt but sum up everyone who does the same and the result is damaging not only to the industry but to the moral core as well. So beware and always choose to do what is right.

  • Follow what is stated in the terms or instructions of usage. Print once and do not even dare to reproduce copies. If you want more, you can get more by tapping all legitimate sources such as the manufacturers themselves through mail, inserts in the newspapers, offers from grocery stores and other grocery coupon websites.
  • Respect expiration dates and zip codes. Do not be swayed by the fact that others are doing it – trying to circumvent the rules by using expired grocery coupons and using those with a particular zip code in another region with a different zip code.
  • Say no to bar code decoding with the motive of finding glitches you can use to fool the cashier. Use a coupon on the particular product it was intended for and not any other item.
  • Do not be selfish and greedy. Coupons and coupon booklets abound and they are supposed to benefit everyone in need not just you. Get what you need and leave the rest to others.
  • Share. Most probably, you will stumble upon grocery coupons which do not matter that much to you. You can still take hold of them and share them with your family and friends who might be able to match up their needs with such coupons. Join coupon clubs and you can trade these coupons too.
  • Do not make money out of the coupons. Manufacturers, grocery stores, and legitimate websites are only the ones authorized to offer them. Whatever is given to you is for your own use and not for your profiteering.
  • Do not get into the habit of scanning valid grocery coupons but actually putting invalid ones on the slot in order to make use of the valid ones again.
  • Grocery coupons are not to be emailed. If you want to help your friends, tell them where and how to get coupons. Do not email them copies. Never entertain the idea of making counterfeits through Photoshop. Yes you already know but it is worth emphasizing that this is punishable by law.
  • Others will appreciate it if you’ll share what you know and warn them against coupon scams. The Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) is one reliable site you can share with them to check bogus coupons.
  • Be bold enough to report fraud. You can get in touch with CIC.

Grocery coupons are of great help especially in these times of crisis. Use the wisely and with utmost ethical responsibility.


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