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Melting Pot Coupons – This Is NOT Fast Food

Melting Pot coupons
are certainly not traditional fast food coupons. For one thing, the Melting Pot is certainly not a fast food restaurant. So why am I talking about it here? Because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. That’s reason enough :)

Another reason Melting Pot coupons are not fast food coupons  is that they are harder to find!  This is a unique, interactive dining experience.  With  a choice of fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads and indulgent desserts, you will enjoy every minute. And Melting Pot coupons make it better by saving money.


The first Melting Pot opened in April of 1975 in Maitland, Fla.,  in a cozy, quaint location. Only three items were on the first menu: Swiss cheese fondue, beef fondue and a chocolate fondue dessert. The restaurant’s popularity expanded, and so did its menu and ambiance. Finding Melting Pot coupons can help you enjoy this.

Where To Find Melting Pot Coupons

As mentioned, Melting Pot coupons are not as prevalent as many fast food coupons, but they can be found.  You will sometimes see them in coupon mailers along with other restaurant and fast food coupons.  You may also find them in magazines.  And the Melting Pot coupons are even available though the restaurant’s site – they have a club you can join and get savings for birthdays, etc.

The Melting Pot offers everything from a four-course dinner (cheese fondue, salad, entree and dessert) to fondue cheese  with that perfect glass of wine from an extensive selection.  And there are plenty of ways  to satisfy that chocolate craving.  I have seen Melting Pot coupons in online ads with great dessert savings.

This is truly a great restaurant for special occasions or just a romantic night out, providing the opportunity to interact and connect while experiencing all fondue has to offer.   And if you can find Melting Pot coupons to save some money, all the better!

So keep your eyes out online for Melting Pot coupons.  Watch the coupon mailers, and check your favorite magazines.  If you have not tried this restaurant, I recommend you do.








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