Organizing Your Grocery Coupons


Organizing Your Grocery Coupons – Three Steps to Success


Organizing your grocery coupons can be quite time consuming. There are simply so many to go through and it takes time to weed out the ones that are expired. In addition, many have specific purchase requirements that have to be met, like buying two different products to get one free. If you don’t need or want the products you have to buy, then it’s not really a deal on the free one, is it?

There are three steps to successfully organizing your coupons so you don’t end up losing out on savings because of an expiration date. It can save you more than just some cash, but a lot of time when sorting through the coupons to see what you have.

Step #1 Get a Coupon Organizer

This is one of the best ways to organize your grocery coupons. There are several different types available. Some are very basic, while others break up the different food types a little more thoroughly. It’s best to get a one that does the latter. It’s easier to use and will save you some time in the store. Try to find one that has a specific area for coupons that need to be used immediately. You won’t end up with a bunch of expired coupons that way.


Step #2 Separate Your Coupons by the Type of Food

It is easiest if you go through your grocery coupons and put them into stacks based upon the type of food. For example, put all your cake mix coupons together. As you are doing this, make sure you take out the coupons that are expired. It will save you time later and you won’t have to worry about the clerk finding one in the stack of coupons you’re tying to use.

Step #3 Arrange the Coupons from the Highest Amount to the Lowest

This is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss a great coupon. This will take a bit of time initially, but it’s really worth it in the end. If you have several coupons that are the same amount, put the ones that expire the soonest in front of the others. You might also want to paperclip the same coupons together, as this will keep you from having to thumb through them all to find a specific coupon.

Here are some other tips to help you keep your grocery coupons organized. Everyone has clipped a coupon and set it aside to use later. Take a second and put it in the organizer. It’s really easy to lose a great coupon or have it expire before you come across it again.

Also, put a small calculator in your coupon organizer. Some come with this already built in. There are times when you may want to see if the coupon is actually a good deal or if a similar product will save you more money. While you might be good at math, the calculator can be quite a time saver.

Finally, don’t keep coupons you know you will never use. If you have one for a product that you don’t like, then check online for a coupon swapping site. Someone else may want your coupon and you can trade for one you will use.