Pizza Coupons


Pizza Coupons – Always a Favorite


Pizza coupons are probably one the most popular forms of fast food coupons. Pizza coupons are also probably some of the easiest fast food coupons to find.

You can find pizza coupons everywhere. Every newspapers chock full of them, every mailer you get in the mail with coupons is guaranteed to have some pizza coupons in it, and they’re all over the Internet anywhere you want to look.

Which restaurants give out pizza coupons?

Nearly every pizza restaurant in existence gives out coupons. From big chains to local mom and pops, they all take advantage of the pizza coupons craze. Whether it’s Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Godfathers, Papa John’s, or even your local neighborhood pizza restaurant, you can find pizza coupons for your favorite place.

I order from Papa John’s online a lot, and Papa John’s loves to hand out coupons!  In addition to always having coupons stuck on the pizza box top (including online coupon codes,)  They also sent me a coupon by email to use online for a FREE large pizza!

Dominoes and Pizza Hut offer pizza coupons in a similar manner to Papa John’s, though I am not sure if they have the free pizza or not. Godfathers puts pizza coupons in mailers frequently, as well as in newspapers.  The local pizza joint less than a mile from my house puts coupons in targeted local area coupon mailings.

As long as we have pizza, there will be no shortage of pizza coupons!  Enjoy the pizza, and the savings!

Pizza in the US

We eat more pizza in the United States than perhaps anywhere else in the world. It’s become iconic dish in the US. There are several regional type pizzas, which vary in toppings thickness of the crust and so forth. Barbecued chicken or bacon cheeseburger pizzas are certainly an American creation.

Some variations include:

  • California style — typical Californian flavor with lots of produce, and ingredients such as chicken with peanut sauce bean sprouts and shaved care. To each his own I guess. Not sure if I want pizza coupons for that…
  • Chicago deep dish – the edges of the pizza crust are turned up slightly in a shallow bowl. The crust is very sick and ingredients are piled thick inside of. This was invented and first served in 1943 in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. Bring on my pizza coupons, love me some deep dish.
  • Chicago thin crust — called Tavern Pizza in Chicago, is baked flat rather than in a deep dish and the crust is much better. This gives the crust noticeable crunch unlike the New York pizza which is often doughy. Lots of Italian style tomato sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese makes a great pizza.
  • Detroit style — sometimes called Sicilian square pizza, the square pizza is deep dish crust and toppings under the sauce.
  • St. Louis style — similar to Chicago thin style, uses provolone cheese instead of mozzarella, and usually uses sliced fresh ingredients, including large pieces of onion, bell pepper, and full strips of bacon.
  • New York style — originated in New York City by immigrants from  Naples, his hand tossed moderately sauced and moderately covered with cheese pizza is often served in large large slices, and as thin and flexible. Sold all over the United States now not just in New York.
  • Hawaii and pizza — features Canadian bacon or bacon and pineapple with mozzarella cheese. Absolutely delicious.  I use a lot of pizza coupons on these.
  • Greek style — popular in New England, Dick cheerier crust baked in a pan rather than on bricks. I’ll often used as a topic as well as feta cheese and Greek herbs.