Restaurant Gift Cards


Finding Online Restaurant Gift Cards


We all love to eat out (some of us more than others  ) but it can get very expensive.  This is especially true of traditional “walk-in sit-down” type establishments, but is also true even of fast food and drive-thru restaurants.  That generally leaves you with two choices – quit eating out, or find a way to save money while still enjoying the dining out experience!

Fortunately, the second option (saving money) is readily available.  There are many ways to save on eating out, the most popular being coupons and gift cards. Coupons obviously allow you get discounts on food you buy in the restaurants.  But how do gift cards save you money? I mean, don’t you have to pay for those gift cards?

Well, not always.  Free restaurant gift cards can be found, as can discounted gift cards.  Some restaurant websites will run specials and offer their gift cards at a significant discounts (like a $50 card for $25, etc.)  You can often also find these discounted gift cards at the restaurant itself, or through authorized retailers.

So, what about those free restaurant gift cards?

Ok, so very little is truly free, but for the most part, you can get gift cards without spending a nickel. All it will cost you is a little time.  First, you have to find the places that are offering free online restaurant gift cards (like our site.)  Then, in most cases, you simply click a link and fill in your email address and maybe a zip code, and you are on your way to receiving your card.

In many cases, there are some very simple things you will need to do to actually get the card.  These are generally very simple things which should take you no more than 5 minutes or so.  I certainly think it’s worth 5 minutes of time filling out a survey or something similar, if it allows me to get a free Ruby Tuesdays or Cheesecake Factory gift card!

Surveys are not necessarily required  – this is just an example of the “participation required” types of things to get a free restaurant gift card.  They are generally always simple, quick tasks that are often something you do anyway.  It could be reading emails, participating in a free trial of a product, or even transferring a prescription to a different pharmacy.

The point is, a very few minutes of your  time can save you a ton of money and let you an your loved ones enjoy the pleasures of dining out at your favorite restaurants.

What types of restaurant gift cards are available?

You may be surprised at all of the restaurant gift cards available out there. Nearly all of the major chains offer gift cards, and many smaller mom and pop operations do as well.  From fast food to fine dining, gift cards are available for all.  For example, on this very site, we have featured gift cards from Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Outback and Longhorn Steakhouses, Applebees, Chiles, Papa John’s, and even McDonald’s and KFC!

Spend a few minutes browsing our site and take a look at the variety of offers available.  We have gift cards from many popular restaurants, and we add more all the time.  Offers tend to expire from time to time, so we replace them as this happens.

We do the work for you, finding the best deals on the best online restaurant coupons around.  All you have to do is check our site regularly, click the links, and take advantage of the terrific free deals we find for you!  Happy dining!