Source For Grocery Coupons


Tapping The Source For Grocery Coupons


Everyone knows that using grocery coupons is the best way to save money on purchasing food for your family every week. But did you know that there are more sources to tap than just the weekly newspaper or store circular? Some of us have become savvy enough to realize that there are also dedicated websites out there for the printing of coupons, but there is another source that still remains ignored for the most part: the manufacturer.

Even the websites for online grocery coupons offer newsletters that may contain manufacturer coupons for their visitors to use. The majority of these offers, however, are only available to these sites on a monthly basis, as the manufacturers begin new advertising campaigns. By visiting the websites owned by the brands, manufacturers and parent companies, you can net special offers and discount coupons easily, and be able to combine them with any other coupon you can find to generate even more savings on your purchases.

By looking for grocery coupons on brand, manufacturer and parent company websites, you can uncover opportunities for more savings that many people may not know about. The majority of them offer free newsletters that you can sign up to receive in your email, on a weekly or monthly basis. More often than not, these newsletters will contain product news, press releases about upcoming products, recipes, and newsletter-only coupons that you can print at home.


Another thing that you can do while visiting their sites is participate in surveys. Consumer surveys help the manufacturers understand how often their products are being purchased, how well they are being received, and whether there is any improvement to be made in the product itself, its packaging, or even the price.

These companies offer rewards for visitors spending five to ten minutes in completing these surveys, and that reward is two-fold: a free sample of their favorites, and more discount coupons for taking the survey.

Signing up for newsletters with these companies can also net you another bonus, in the form of free samples. When companies like Kraft, General Mills and Hormel Foods have visitors signing up for their email newsletters, they return the favor by sending out free samples of their products on a regular basis, to their visitors’ home address. This is their way of saying thanks for being a loyal customer, and will often include several discount coupons inside of every product. The products sent can be old favorites or new releases, and each one will net you coupons others might never see.

Once they have your email address on file, as well as your home address, you will often find yourself receiving mail from survey companies, on behalf of the parent corporation. These, too, can net you more grocery coupons, in return for taking another short survey, as well as even more free samples being sent to your home. All of these are a great way to save money, try new things, and augment your food inventory, all at the same time.