Subway Restaurant Coupons


Subway Restaurant Coupons


I am always looking for Subway Restaurant Coupons. My family and I really love eating their sandwiches, so finding coupons for Subway really helps us save money while we “eat fresh”. I created this website to help people find Subway restaurant coupons.

One way to get them is by signing up for Subway Restaurant Freshbuzz News & Promotions. By signing up, you will find that you will not only get subway sandwiches coupons, but news and information on any daily Subway specials. If you want you can even have Freshbuzz messages sent straight to your cell phone.

Did you know you can also find Subway Restaurant Coupons on Ebay? Here is an example of coupon that were found on Ebay. These 16 coupons sold for only $0.99 and include discounts and free meals!

Ongoing and valid Subway restaurant coupons

Another cool thing offered by Subway is the My Subway Card. They are really great for gift giving. You can also personalize these gift cards with a picture and a fun message. The card can even be reloaded for continued use.


These make great gifts for your baby sitter, teachers, the boy who mows your lawn or just about anyone. All orders include cool themed greeting cards. I can’t think of a nicer or more useful gift to give. They even offer a rewards points system for more savings.

Menu Choices

Subway menus vary by store, by country and by market. But in general their menu includes Subways sandwiches, salads and wraps. Seasoned breads were added in and they began toasting their bread to compete with another popular sandwich maker. Their subs sizes are 6 inch footlong and kids size. One of the chain’s popular sandwiches is the BMT, which stands for Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest. It includes salami, pepperoni and ham. There are so many yummy choices that I often like to try the Subway sub of the day for a little variety.

Subway History

Most people are surprised to know that the the Subway restaurant chain was founded way back in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and family friend Dr. Peter Buck. Fred was a only a seventeen year old freshman in college at the time.

The first restaurant was known as Pete’s Super Submarines and was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dr. Buck convinced Fred that he could pay his college tuition by making submarine sandwiches and to prove it, he wrote a check for $1,000 to invest in their venture.

The two partners worked hard and had a goal of opening 32 sandwich shops in 10 years. By 1974 they owned and operated 16 shops. It was also in 1974 that they decided to start franchising.

It’s amazing to think that they are now the largest franchise of its kind with more than 30,000 locations in 87 different countries. Believe it or not, they operate more units in the Unites States, Canada and Australia than McDonalds. You can use this Subway Restaurant Locator to find Subway restaurant locations near you.


Many people attribute Subway’s rapid growth to the growing concern on health by it’s customers, which Subway has taken full advantage of it in its marketing. It’s not surprising that in 1997 the 7 under 6 menu was introduced, featuring seven submarine sandwiches with six grams of fat or less. You can find Subway Nutritional Info here.

In 1999, a student from Indiana University named Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds with a diet made primarily of Subway sandwiches. This story became a large part of the company’s marketing campaign and still is with their “Subway Eat Fresh” slogan.

Other slogans used include:

“My Way” (1985–1990)

“The Place Where Fresh is the Taste” (1990–1995)

“What a Sandwich” (1994–1995)



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