Three Awesome Ways To Find Grocery Coupons To Print

March 29, 2017


Three Awesome Ways To Find Grocery Coupons To Print


Every day, in nearly every household, people are finding ways to save money every month by using coupons to purchase the necessities of life, like food. Sadly, many of them are limiting themselves to only those that come in the mail, or come in the Sunday newspaper, because they may not be aware that there are even more grocery coupons to print, thanks to literally hundreds of dedicated websites.

Clipping coupons from the local newspapers and store circulars have always been the traditional way to save money when shopping, and has been practiced by generations before us. The technology savvy among us, however, have carried that tradition to all new heights through the use of dedicated websites that offer grocery coupons to print every single day. These online coupons look the same as those found in circulars and newspapers, right down to the bar code. And, until recently, have been accepted pretty much everywhere the print coupons are.

In recent times, however, some stores have stopped accepting some online coupons because of counterfeiting but thankfully this has not become a widely accepted practice. It does pay to check with your favorite store’s management before using any that you find, so that you can be assured of their acceptance.

Combining grocery coupons to print with those found in circulars and newspapers can double, triple or even quadruple weekly savings on your most commonly purchased items.

Main Sources of Coupons

  1. There are currently three main sources on the Internet for these valuable offers. The websites dedicated to providing online coupons, are very easy to find. Simply key in phrases like “coupon” or “grocery coupon” into your favorite search engine, and pages of listings for the most popular sites should pop up. Some sites charge a membership fee but many of them do not; they will allow users to create accounts for free, along with wish lists of manufacturers that you want to receive alerts about. These alerts, delivered in the form of newsletters, will provide you with more special offers as they are released from the manufacturers but are often not made public on the website. There, you have just doubled your savings with a single mouse click.
  2. The next group of dedicated websites is run by the manufacturers themselves. Every manufacturer of food products has their own websites, listed either by brand or by parent company. Signing up for newsletters from these sites will net you even more online computers every month, because when they begin a new advertising campaign, special savings offers will be released through the website newsletters first, before they become public.
  3. The last source for grocery coupons to print is the stores themselves. The national chains will often offer special coupons to their dedicated customers, especially those that also offer discount card memberships. These offers will most likely be on their store brands, as well as additional discounts on manufacturers’ brands. Used strategically, combinations of all these with those from other sources can net you huge savings with every visit.



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