Ways to Find Free Grocery Coupons


The Top Six Ways to Find Free Grocery Coupons


Everyone loves a bargain, especially today when every dime matters so much. Grocery coupons are a great way to save money and for those with large families, coupons can make a huge difference at the checkout counter. If you have been looking for free grocery coupons, you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to find. Below, you will find the top five ways to find free grocery coupons so you can start saving more money than you might have thought possible!

#1 Get the Newspaper

Every Sunday, local newspapers across the country insert pages and pages of free grocery coupons inside. It seems like these coupons correspond with a number of sales that will take place within a week or two but usually not the week the coupons are in the paper.

#2 Look on Products You Buy

Many manufacturers attach coupons to their products. It could be a few cents of your next purchase of that product, but it could also be for another one of the products. These usually have a long expiration date, which helps a lot. Sometimes, you may have to buy more than one product but if you have the room to store it and it’s a good coupon, it can be worth it. Sometimes, the coupon is inside the product and may not be advertised on the outside, so make sure you check inside the packaging, too.


#3 Look on the Manufacturer’s Website

Many manufacturers are putting great printable coupons on their websites. You might have to sign up for an email list, but the coupons are usually quite good. You can also get notifications for special promotions and deals this way, too. In some cases, you might receive coupons in the mail, as well.

#4 Sign Up for a Coupon Swapping Group

Everyone has coupons that they won’t use. Why not use them to trade for coupons you do use? There are several coupon swapping groups online. You simply sign up and list the coupons you use. Then you can list the ones you have that you don’t use. You can swap with other consumers and they don’t cost much to mail. Make sure you check the expiration dates before you mail them, so you don’t send someone a coupon they can’t use.

#5 Write a Letter

Most companies will send free grocery coupons to consumers who ask for them. Create a template for a letter asking for coupons. Simply change the name of the products you want to get coupons for and print it out. You’ll be surprised at how many companies will send several dollars’ worth of coupons out in the mail to you.

#6 Search Online Coupon Sites

This is probably the best way to find grocery coupons in printable form. If you are reading this post then chances are that you already know what to do to find grocery coupons online. For those who don’t know, all you have to do is to search over the internet to find grocery coupons – there are literally thousands of sites (including ours) that offer grocery coupons.

For those that love to save money, free grocery coupons can help cut the cost of your grocery bill. The above tips provide you with some great ways to get your hands on these coupons and other deals. While it may not seem like a quarter off your kid’s favorite cereal is a lot, it really can add up quickly!